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You are going to be a lot better off holding productive assets over the next 50 years. Before the open, the Commerce Department said c onsumer spending rose 0. As a result, we anticipate the financial markets will eventually look past the Russian conflict. Investors should focus on the strongest sectors including health care, information technology and materials.

Gold futures have surged higher on Monday as the escalating crisis in the Ukraine spurred a flight to safe assets. The increased tensions have pushed oil futures to the highest level since September.

In a separate column , Arends also suggests that investors should not be fleeing emerging markets due to Ukraine worries. Go here for a Ukraine roundup by Bill. Plus, new economic data today including personal income and consumer spending. As selling continues, volatility spikes up. Car sales reported this morning were generally better than expected, pointing to an increased appetite after frigid winter months across the U. Still, bad weather dented sales in February.

He said the Russians ordered the crew to surrender within the hour or face Russians storming and seizing the ships and crew. For more on that, read our short news story here. From MarketWatch Radio Network: Rising tensions in Ukraine have investors fleeing stocks for safer assets. Chairman Hugh Johnson of Hugh Johnson Advisors says although the concerns are real, this may be a buying opportunity for those with a strong stomach.

But the country is expected to dominate financial headlines for the time being, not so much because of its economic importance but because of its strategic location, according to Bill Stone, chief investment strategist at PNC Asset Management Group.

Ukraine will likely be a focus for the markets this week — more as a function of geopolitical worries since it sits in the heart of central Europe rather than its economic weight, as Ukraine accounts for a scant 0. Today shaped up to be a risk-off day, writes William Watts — you can read his post here. Selling is abating somewhat, but it is unclear why.

Oil prices are up today because of tensions in Ukraine. Treasurys benefited from a global flight to safety Monday as escalating violence in Ukraine added to investor fears, writes Ben Eisen. With tensions flaring on the Crimean Peninsula, the U. The Obama administration has already taken steps to cancel joint economic and trade initiatives with Russia , including preparations for the G8 summit which is scheduled to be held in Sochi, Russia in the summer.

Meanwhile, the US is finding itself powerless and stretched — there is no appetite to get into a full-blown war the Russian Fleet. Shares rose early morning, but jumped higher after the FT reported that Reynolds American, the US tobacco giant, is exploring a bid for its smaller rival.

A quick update on the main indexes: The sell-off began this morning on worries over escalating tensions in Ukraine, as Russian troops deployed in Crimea. News about Ukraine overshadowed economic reports today, which were slightly better than expected, though reading were still distorted by weather.

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