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The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation MoHRE will allow companies to recruit skilled workers from within the country or overseas and offer them part-time jobs. An approval of the original employer will not be needed. By end of June, influencers who make money by promoting brands, products or businesses will need to secure a license from the National Media Council NMC.

The move aims at promoting Dubai's economic competitiveness, enhancing social stability and boosting investments. Under the draft law parties will be able to choose the arbitrator, the legal system they wish to govern their case and where it is heard. Germany has pledged to spend EUR 50 million to build and run one of the largest national pavilions at Expo in Dubai. The 4, square metre pavilion will be located in the Sustainability District.

The world's largest annual food and hospitality exhibition returns wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map Dubai today and will run until The 23rd edition of the show will feature over 5, local, regional and international exhibitors and is expected to attract up to 97, food professionals. The rule will come into effect on The certificate has to be issued by the country of origin or the country a person has been living in for the past five years. The new regulation does not apply to dependants' visas, visit visas and tourist visas.

The new tax is expected to generate revenues of AED 12 billion in The app "Engage DXB" will be launched in January and aims at increasing the coordination between the Dubai Economy DE and the private sector as well as enhancing networking opportunities. The new unit will be located in Dubai South near the Expo site and operate in conjunction with a digital platform. The new fee structure applied by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation MoHRE from December onwards refers to the skill level of the worker, whether he is based inside or outside the UAE at the time of application as well as the employer's commitment to multicultural diversity.

This year, 79, construction professionals are expected to visit the trade event, which hosts more than 2, exhibitors representing 60 nations. The rental index of the Dubai Land Department DLD includes all areas in the Emirate Wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map and refers to residential, commercial and industrial properties.

For the first time, a land rent index has been added for properties with annually renewable lease contracts. The four-day event is expected to host more thanvisitors, 2, exhibitors and speakers this year. The stricter regulations cover, amongst others, breaches of sale contracts by the buyer and shall protect both, investors and developers. The 5-day event takes place every other year and features more than 1, exhibitors. Over aircrafts are on display and 72, trade visitors are expected.

The country now reaches the The initiative seeks to equip youngsters with the tools to build their future. Young Arabs can register at www. The tunnel starts at Discovery Gardens and stretches 3. All tunnel drilling works will be completed in December All government wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map are directed to fully implement them wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map in order to further a digital infrastructure that is considered to be a strategic national asset in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Cabinet reshuffle is centred on advanced technologies, food security and engaging youth. In three years, on The event will take place for 6 months with the theme "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future".

The move aims at regulating veterinary medicine and support services as well as enhancing and safeguarding the health of livestock and other wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map in the country.

On a historic day for the UAE, the country's first general tax has come into effect, increasing prices of sugary drinks and tobacco products nationwide. The flying taxi is a two-seater built by Volocopter, a German specialty manufacturer of autonomous air vehicles, and will be used for the world's first self-flying taxi service set to be introduced by Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority RTA.

Buyers of electric vehicles will be provided with free wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map charging at DEWA-approved stations, free designated green parking in Dubai, free electric vehicle registration and renewal as well as free Salik tags.

The benefits will be on offer until the end of The Dubai Airport Freezone Authority DAFZA recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Dubai Economy allowing companies located in the free zone to obtain dual licenses enabling them to operate across the mainland of Dubai. For 3 days, exhibitors are set to welcome visitors to the Dubai World Trade Centre. The biggest property exhibition in the region will feature the introduction of on-site sales for UAE projects.

The museum covers an area of more than 9, sq. The Federal Tax Authority FTA has launched its website aiming wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map keeping businesses and consumers informed about the latest developments relating to the upcoming introduction of excise tax and value-added tax VAT in wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map UAE.

The Ministry of Finance announced that the price increase will be levied on all excise goods consumed in the UAE, including free zones and airports. However, goods taken by passengers out of the country will be tax-free. At the moment, the new levy will only apply to tobacco products as well as energy and carbonated drinks, except sparkling water.

The relevant homepage will be launched in the second half of August and will offer all relevant information. Foreigners in Abu Dhabi now have to provide tenancy contracts registered in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi when renewing existing or applying for new residence visas for their dependants.

Exceptions may be considered on case-by-case basis by the Immigration. Alongside the presentation of the arbitration centre, an agreement with the International Chamber of Commerce ICCone of the world's most prominent commercial dispute resolution institutions, was unveiled.

The new initiative enables investors to obtain a license in one step within one day without having to provide a lease agreement for the company's premises for the first year. For the license application, at least one partner must be present and hand in valid passport copies of all partners and managers of the business. The two Dubai-based carriers join forces to scale up operations and offer passengers access to both networks. The cooperation wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map create a combined fleet of aircraft flying to destinations by It includes code-sharing, network collaboration and coordinated scheduling.

Both airlines continue to be managed independently. For the first time sinceDubai authorities have partially lifted restrictions on direct sales during the real estate exhibition. Developers will now be allowed to sell projects which are located in the UAE from theirs stands at the event in September. The restrictions on direct selling of all non-UAE projects will remain in place. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation MoHRE has rolled out six initiatives to ensure labour disputes in Dubai are settled within 10 days instead of 30 days.

They shall further help resolve disputes amicably without referring to the courts. The tower complex will feature offices, three 5-star hotels and retail space for wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map brands. The project is expected to be completed in four years. Dubai Health Authority DHA provides companies with usernames and passwords so that they will not be required to visit typing centres for medical fitness test transactions.

Labourers who work in open construction sites will have a compulsory break from Passengers departing from Dubai International Airport wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map now use their smart phones at the smart gates instead of their passports as part of a new service called Smart UAE Wallet.

It will be operational in all terminals after the wallet is linked with other airlines. The new innovative and creative zone is planned to be a place for great minds to share opinions and exchange expertise to make the world a better place and to design the future. The new facility is the consumer goods maker's third in the UAE and the The new initiative is part of the authority's efforts to protect consumers, resolve their complaints and ensure best practices regarding online transactions.

The "Digital Protection" service is aimed at eCommerce companies offering their services in the mainland of the Emirate of Dubai as well as its free zones. They also discussed the conflicts in Yemen, Libya and Syria. Following the completion of the banks' long-awaited merger, the new brand has now been introduced. The new Arabic and Latin type styles called "Dubai Font" have been introduced by the Government of Dubai and are freely available for Microsoft Office software.

With its simple, sans serif Latin typeface and modern, stripped-down Arabic script, the font can be used for 23 languages, including English, German and Arabic. The Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters is the most powerful instrument for international tax cooperation. It provides its participating jurisdictions with exchange of information on request, spontaneous exchange, automatic exchange, tax examinations abroad, simultaneous tax examinations and assistance in tax collection.

The new rules will include regulations regarding driving in residential areas, a five-metre safety rule and sitting in front seats. Furthermore, new driving licenses issued in the UAE will be valid only for two years. The licenses of UAE nationals can be subsequently renewed for year periods while expatriates can renew their licenses every 5 years.

Current driving licenses will not be affected. Currently certain agencies control the distribution of specific brands. This system has been criticised by the World Trade Organisation.

The proposed amendments to the new law aim at ending monopolistic practices in the sale of basic food products wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map other exclusive distribution agreements and, therefore, could liberalise the market.

The new licensing scheme for business done over social networks can be registered under the name of a single owner only and the owner must be an Emirati or a GCC national aged 18 and above. Those holding an e-Trader license issued by the Wholesale trade agents and brokers dubai metro map Department of Economic Development DED will not be permitted to open a physical store or issue visas. Amongst others, it gives the authorities the right to conduct tax audits and establishes methods for reporting violations.

Amongst others, it will hear cases regarding illegal entry into the country, absconding, working after a ban, issuing a cheque with malicious intent or driving without a license.

In addition to civil and commercial claims, the jurisdiction of the DIFC Courts now also includes labour claims and actions arising out of labour contracts signed between DIFC companies and establishments and their employees.

As announced by the Roads and Transport Authority RTAcar rental firms in Dubai are neither allowed to ask for cash deposits nor to hold passports or ID documents of customers.

Security deposits must be made through credit card and have to be released within 30 days after vehicle return. In case of an accident, customers may not be charged extra. Further, rental vehicles have to be replaced after four years in use. The 22nd edition of the show will feature over 5, local, regional and international exhibitors from countries and is expected to attract up to 90, food professionals. The program will be implemented in several phases and aims at attracting highly-talented professionals and entrepreneurs in tourism, medical, education and economic sectors.

Dubai's second international airport Dubai World Central DWC welcomed a total ofpassengers in compared topassengers recorded in The hub is currently served by 27 passenger carriers, operating an average of flights weekly to 44 international destinations and is home to 64 scheduled cargo operators that fly to as many as destinations around the world. Furthermore, 98 contracts worth AED million will be awarded for non-construction business.

The visa is valid for 30 days and can be renewed for another 30 days without having to leave the country. By establishing the new court, the government aims at ensuring prompt justice and strengthening the culture of tolerance.