The daily options trader in my garrison

As it is, I am mostly playing with my garrison or doing minor garrison related tasks. I am not yet sure if I have advanced my garrison to the point where I would get into the campaign… or how I would know if I was there. And am I supposed to be getting garrison invasions or something? Anyway, I am going to stop and review where things stand… building by building. Now is the time to click on a link to elsewhere if you have no interest in this. The Town Hall is the main aspect of the garrison that determines how many little plots of land you get to plant other buildings.

I upgraded it as soon as I hit level At level 3 I have unlocked all I am going to get, so I am done on that front! A good thing too, since it was a bit pricey. I recently upgraded the Barracks to level 3, though I am not sure how that has helped me much. I think I can have 25 followers now, though since I only had 15 when I upgraded, I still have room to grow. I can now also call on the various alliance factions with whom I am exalted… which is everybody besides Gilneas… to come and stand guard in my garrison.

And have you ever seen dwarves run a sobriety checkpoint? It is pretty counter productive. I originally put the Gnomish Workshop in this slot, so as to avail myself of their daily toys.

However, the bunker ended up seeming more useful. The bunker lets you open work orders using garrison resources that primarily delivers scrap that you can use to buy cosmetic gear for transmog. But the secondary item you get is armor and weapon upgrades for your followers.

This has actually worked out pretty well for me so far. My 15 followers are all level and all above item level at this point, so they are getting some higher level missions that actually yield some decent gold, more follower upgrades, and some decent equipment for Vikund. And, as it turns out, garrison resources were only really constraining when you were in a rush to build out your first garrison ASAP. Since then, I have had plenty to feed into the bunker work order queue.

It is upgraded to level 3 because that increases the work order queue… and that seems to be about it. I already have all the recipes and have made myself the cool goggles as well as the gun for my hunter. And I have resources to make a few more guns at this point, so it might be time to see which hunters in the guild want one.

Now I have to work on the upgrades to those items, but progress there has a different bottleneck. I chose this on the advice of Earl so as to have a place to recycle all the bind on pick up quest reward gear I collected.

It can also be used to apply enchants to my weapon and armor. Need to enchant that axe still! Not sure why I upgraded it to level 3. It probably moved some achievement forward. The barn is the other bottleneck for crafting. It is the source for savage blood, a crafting item I need to upgrade the item level gear I can create. There are three… or is it two… level of upgrades, each requires all the standard resources, in which I am swimming, plus 15 savage blood, which is pretty rare.

I needed to get the barn to level 3 to be able to get savage blood at all, and once there I had to go trap some special elite beasts in Nagrand which may or may not… usually not… generate a savage blood.

I have yet to see one, but I have problems just finding the elites to trap. There is a pile of people doing the same thing. Earl, who has been more diligent, has reported that even when he keeps his queue full all the time, getting two savage bloods in a single day is a reason to celebrate.

So, instead, I have been saving up primals, since you can trade 50! I have upgraded exactly one item so fa. This is the mine. Here it is that I gather more ore than I could possibly use, even when I ship some off to one of my alts who is a jewel crafter, and Draenaic stone, which can only be used for work orders which, in turn, generate more ore. At least I get a primal now and again along with some archaeology pieces from the mining carts.

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However, she will take all the ore's for the number of trades you requested using the shift-tab pulldown menu. I've filed a bug report today. Comment by Ezrahm Is there anywhere I can find a list of which part of the Relic Hunter achievement is associated with which Treasure Contract quest? Nobody seems to have thought to make a reference for that yet that I've seen, and it would be a bit of a time saver to know from the initial quest title if I've already done that part of the achievement and don't need to waste my time repeating it.

Comment by tinkk Treasure Contract: The Apexis Device Treasure Contract: The Crystal Reborn Treasure Contract: The Blessing of Beasts Treasure Contract: Taking from the Taker Treasure Contract: The Spirit Forge Treasure Contract: Breaching the Barrier for those lazy who dont want to click on the achiev's page. Had a hard time figuring this out. Comment by Wyr3d Can someone update this for 7.

As half the information in the above "Guide" is now inaccurate or obsolete due to changes over the last few patches, I have gone through and reorganised everything to make some actual sense. Hopefully the OP will later update the information accordingly, and strikeout or delete information no longer relevant: Profession Quests - these are offered by faction traders that appear in your Garrison Town Hall.

The traders, and respective recipe types are listed below: All these quests have now simplified names as per the specific dungeon: Some of these quest names have changed, so the full list is below: Only the initial six are still active, and the rest have been removed so ignore them. There are six quests available. The "Wanted" quests which completing these previously unlocked have been removed, so ignore them Death to: Hivelord Ikrix Death to: Undertow The final quest comes in two possible versions, depending on?

The first is the standard version, the second is given if you have the Blood Champion title. Nullifier Darkoor Death to: