Mitel 3300 option 129 missing

I need a solution. The user is a consumer and is getting their internet services from a Cable Modem Videotron. The internet is working fine. I have done the following: I am stumped, and I need some help to understand how to further diagnose and fix the problem. Sign up today x. If they are connecting via a teleworker solution, then they need the IP address of the teleworker server programmed on the phone static I would hazard a guess that the DHCP scope doesn't have the Mitel option configured and so the phone will reject any offers made to it.

What type of switch? Maker and Model number would be good. I'm assuming the cat5 cables are good and you have tried swapping them about and maybe testing other cables. I'm assuming you have DHCP enabled on the system and it has free valid address. I am assuming it is set up with the right subnet, default gateway and DNS servers etc.

I am assuming you have the phone setup right to do SIP not standard local mitel connection and your phone system is setup to allow incoming SIP maybe you have tested this elsewhere. Let me know if any of my assumptions are wrong: Edster, To answer a few of your questions: DHCP is enabled on the system and it has free valid addresses. Since the other computer is working perfectly, I assume that the subnet, default gateway and DNS servers are fine.

I will get back to you with the make and model of switch I have a question - how can I tell whether the phone is setup to do SIP or standard Mitel connection?

Good idea for the cables, I will ask them to switch them and ensure this is not the issue I will get back to you, Thanks, Peter. Displays either the option number selected from the Standard Option list or if the Option Type is Mitel. Otherwise, displays a list of formats to use for the selected Standard Option. If Option Type is Other, enter the value of the selected option. The string is automatically generated from values entered in the Mitel Tags section of the form. Using the form guarantees a correctly formatted string.

Select the level that the option applies to Global, Subnet, or Range. Displays "" if the Option Type is Mitel. Otherwise, enter an appropriate ID for the selected Standard Option as required. Mitel Tags displayed when changing the Mitel option:.

This is the default value for 'v' or 's', if they are not specified. This value does not apply to non-voice nor non-voice signalling. The priority for voice traffic in the range 0 lowest priority to 63 highest priority. The priority for voice signaling in the range 0 lowest priority to 63 highest priority. The priority for multimedia video data in the in the range 0 lowest priority to 63 highest priority. Used by video conferencing devices including.

Enter the IP address or DNS name 40 characters maximum including the port of the server followed by a colon and the port the proxy listens on for example, If no port number is provided, the HTTP proxy listens on port The value of this option is fixed under RFC protocols.

The DHCP server derives the value of this option at runtime from other configuration parameters. Option is not supported by the embedded DHCP server. Use the Mitel Vendor Specific Options dialog box opened using the Add Mitel button to make any changes required to this option. The dialog box simplifies data entry and helps minimize the risk of problems caused by incorrectly formatted entries. Formerly user-defined or site-specific options declared public and tentatively unavailable by RFC protocol.

Mitel-specific parameters assigned to options in this range have been reassigned in ICP, Release 7. Legacy options will remain in the list following an upgrade to Release 7. No support will be provided for multiple l2p and dscp values. The SVP server, access points and wireless telephones must reside on the same subnet. The DHCP client checks for this option to determine which server to use.

Required by Booter version 3.