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In the end, this is my passion for dividend investing that brought me here. And as Dab broker vergleich have written earlier this year, from the point of view of a dividend investor, spin-offs generally have limited downside if you own the parent company before the spin-off. As you may know, Baxter International announced back in March that it would dab broker vergleich the company in two, Baxter, and a new entity called Baxalta.

I remain convinced that this approach is a sure way to build a great portfolio of dividend stocks. Still, by acquiring Covidien, Medtronic did two things which will benefit dividend investors dab broker vergleich the long run. The deal closed earlier this year.

So, what can we expect for the second half of ? Preferably, you buy these stocks for less than the present value of their future dividends. After all, there is still valuable content on it and the dividend valuation tool dab broker vergleich useful. I believe there are always pockets of value in the stock market.

For me, this last month was a clear reminder that when you build a portfolio of quality dividend stocks, your portfolio will end up taking a life of its own. I need to step back from my blog and refocus. As an aside, I previously coined the expression dollar cost averaging with a twist to describe my investing methodology.

Based on my calculations, both IBM and Telus were the stocks offering the best value. But dab broker vergleich IBM and Telus, the purchases were entirely based on their valuation dab broker vergleich I calculate to be the present worth of their future dividends. As such, Medtronic has reduced its tax burden. With these new shares, I now own 21 shares of IBM which represent 4. But what used to be an activity I enjoyed has now become a chore.

Basically, I decided to buy IBM because it was still the stock having the highest normalized intrinsic value in my watchlist. As I mentioned earlier this year: Final Thoughts For me, this last dab broker vergleich was a clear reminder that when you build a portfolio of quality dividend stocks, your portfolio will end up taking a life of its own. And the same reasoning can be applied to their dividends.

I liked the fact of being able to share. Other stocks will grow via acquisitions or mergers. Also, it is far dab broker vergleich for a smaller company to double in size than it is for a larger company. You need to step back to see the big picture.

Hence, if everything goes according to plan, I will own stocks in two dividend-paying companies. This autonomous life is dividend investing at work, literally. The buying company dab broker vergleich purchases the income streams of the other company.