Best trading account in india for nri

Can you pass me good contacts at Zerotha? It seems USA is into their restricted zone. What is the documentation required? Additionally PIS account has to be opened. ZionView Prabeesh

But it appears they can do it. ZionView Prabeesh ZionViewmohdrehan1. Also to open NRI demat account for trading one must visit the branch physically as the officer who is filling up the form has to specifically put a stamp in the form that person has visited physically. Thanks for offering help Vinay.

I got the same response as you got from HDFC, hence looking for other options. What is the documentation required? All share purchase and sales are routed through PIS account. I already have a demat account and of course need to open a PIS.

All the KYC doc should be verified by Embassy. Hi Rajul, I contacted Zerodha through their support email I found on their website support zerodha. From your posts, I take it that it is possible. Bank account remains the same but resident status changes to non resident.

I have sent you email. I will check out Zerodha. If anyone is interested please mail me his contact details on ambekarvinayatyahoodotcom so that i can forward to Kotak who will get in touch with you. But it appears they can do it.