In the case of unobtainability at the called receiver Bthe primary call control anrufoptionsrechner C contains only stored information concerning the call receiver B anrufoptionsrechner the first secondary call control computer S1.

An Independent claim is included for the corresponding method of interoperable communications transmission. The invention relates to a telecommunications network and a method for interoperable messaging. Users of different services anrufoptionsrechner telecommunication networks are constantly faced with the problem that each of these services provides a variety of ways to leave messages, the user, however, even the news pick up in various mailboxes and assign must.

For example, if a user for some time absent and he wants to query the anrufoptionsrechner received during his absence, he must then retrieve his e-mail inbox, his voicemail mailbox and possibly voice mail mailbox.

So far, there are only network operator-specific solutions for the consolidation of various services of a telecommunications network. Thus it is known to make the configuration anrufoptionsrechner a terminal in a telecommunication network specific to the respective user profile, wherein the type of the message summary is specified by the network operator and prescribed. Here are the configuration options such. Sometimes a change is only possible through anrufoptionsrechner contract amendment with the network operator.

Object anrufoptionsrechner the present invention is anrufoptionsrechner to provide a dynamic, self-service independent and adjustable by the subscriber message rerouting function. The solution should be flexible enough to allow an expansion of the telecommunications network is anrufoptionsrechner problem to anrufoptionsrechner users. This object is achieved by a telecommunication network for interoperable anrufoptionsrechner with the features of claim 1 and by a method for interoperable communication with the features of claim Preferred embodiment of the anrufoptionsrechner invention result from the dependent claims.

The telecommunications network for interoperable messaging anrufoptionsrechner a primary anrufoptionsrechner control computer for controlling anrufoptionsrechner between a caller and a call recipient. In the anrufoptionsrechner call-control computer, it may anrufoptionsrechner a so-called anrufoptionsrechner control server. Call anrufoptionsrechner server have the option of a dynamic and can be anrufoptionsrechner on the participant registration with adjustable call anrufoptionsrechner.

Es kann dabei vorgesehen werden, dass ein Wechsel des Mediums, z. It can be provided here that a change of the anrufoptionsrechner, eg. Networked servers are able anrufoptionsrechner conduct an occupancy request to the correct server on, so that a caller and a call recipient anrufoptionsrechner bond and connect. Ein entsprechendes Telekommunikationsnetzwerk kann durch den Einsatz eines standardisierten Signalisierungsprotokolls realisiert werden. A corresponding telecommunication network can be realized through the use anrufoptionsrechner a standardized signaling protocol.

The telecommunication network further comprises anrufoptionsrechner first secondary call control computer, for storing information of the call receiver to.

In the first secondary call control computer may be a call control server also. In a preferred embodiment, wherein the stored information to a recorded message of the call receiver. However, the invention is not limited to storing a greeting message.

In principle, any type of information stored in a database information can be stored on the first secondary call control host. In the case of non-availability of the call receiver of the primary call control computer receives only the data stored by anrufoptionsrechner first secondary call control host information of the call anrufoptionsrechner.

In a further development of the present invention, the primary anrufoptionsrechner control host forwards the stored information of the call receiver to the caller. In a further preferred embodiment of the present invention, the telecommunications network to a second secondary call control computer for storing additional information of the call receiver.

When the additional information is in a preferred embodiment, the E-mail address of the call recipient. Die Verwendung des E-Mail-Postfachs als anrufoptionsrechner Postfach kann vorteilhaft sein, da die meisten Rechner in anrufoptionsrechner Lage sind, sowohl Text als auch gesprochene Worte anzuzeigen bzw.

The use of e-mail anrufoptionsrechner as a single mailbox anrufoptionsrechner be beneficial since most computers are capable of displaying both text and spoken words anrufoptionsrechner reproduce. Consequently, it is conceivable that all incoming information for the call receiver to his e-mail mailbox to be forwarded. However, the invention is not limited to anrufoptionsrechner storage of the e-mail address. In principle, any type of information stored on the second secondary call control computer can be stored in a database.

In a further development of the present invention, the primary call control host information of the caller to the call anrufoptionsrechner forwards, the primary call control computer the information, where the information should be forwarded, from the second secondary call control computer receives. As a participant A participant in a B anrufoptionsrechner B will bring in his absence, the participants redirect all incoming messages to a voice mail function, it can be provided that an announcement is played, then digitizes the recorded message then the A and as file is sent in an e-mail to B.

In a further preferred embodiment of the present invention, the telecommunications anrufoptionsrechner to a Proxy computer, whereby this acts as an interface between anrufoptionsrechner primary call control computer and the call recipient. Bei dem Vertretungs-Rechner kann es sich um einen sogenannten Proxy-Server handeln. In the Proxy computer may be a so-called proxy server.

Through the use of a proxy server, the primary call control computer does not communicate directly with the call-receiver. Data always run through the proxy server.

The use of such a proxy server has security benefits and contributes to the stability of the network. In einer Weiterbildung der vorliegenden Anrufoptionsrechner wird nur ein Signalisierungsprotokoll verwendet. In anrufoptionsrechner further development of anrufoptionsrechner present anrufoptionsrechner, only one signaling protocol anrufoptionsrechner used.

In known solutions have for various services such. Sprachdienste im Anrufoptionsrechner zu E-Mail-Diensten jeweils verschiedene Signalisierungsprotokolle verwendet werden. As voice services, in anrufoptionsrechner to e-mail services each different signaling protocols. Since all communications over the primary call control anrufoptionsrechner or the secondary call control run calculator in the present invention, a complete call-specific signaling can be handled through a anrufoptionsrechner signaling protocol.

This has the great advantage that the telecommunications network can be easily extended for additional participants and also increases transparency within the telecommunications network. The object of the present invention is also achieved by a process for the interoperable messaging comprising the steps anrufoptionsrechner controlling calls between a caller and a call-receiver anrufoptionsrechner a primary call control computer and storing information of the call-receiver through a first secondary call control calculator solved.

In the case of non-availability of the call receiver of the primary call control computer anrufoptionsrechner only the data stored by the first anrufoptionsrechner call control computer information of the call receiver.

The invention is explained hereinafter with reference to the accompanying drawings based on exemplary embodiments. The features and shown there, the features described above may be essential to the anrufoptionsrechner not only in the stated combinations but anrufoptionsrechner individually or in anrufoptionsrechner combinations.

Das Telekommunikationsnetzwerk beinhaltet zwei Nutzer A und B. The telecommunication anrufoptionsrechner includes two users A and B. In addition, the telecommunication network comprises a anrufoptionsrechner call control server C and two secondary call control server S1 and Anrufoptionsrechner.

Der Nutzer B steuert dabei, wann die Anrufbeantworterfunktion ein- und ausgeschaltet wird, welche Ansage gespielt wird und an anrufoptionsrechner E-Mail-Adresse Nachrichten geschickt werden sollen. The user B then controls when the answering anrufoptionsrechner function on and off, which announcement is played and to be on the e-mail address message sent.

Dies kann von B dynamisch auf standardisierte Weise gesteuert werden. This can be controlled by dynamically B in a standardized manner. Wie in anrufoptionsrechner Fig. As shown in FIG. Then, the user anrufoptionsrechner B, as shown by anrufoptionsrechner arrow 3, wherein the call control server from C. The A subscriber calls anrufoptionsrechner subscriber B, and this is not available, the call is in the redirected to the selected voice mail call control server 4 C.

The call control server C asks so then at the server S1, which announcement it is to play to the calling user A see arrow 5. Then, the anrufoptionsrechner is sent from anrufoptionsrechner server 6 S1 to the call control server C. Anrufoptionsrechner server C forwards anrufoptionsrechner message 7 anrufoptionsrechner the user A on.

This then has the possibility to leave a message text 8, wherein the text is received by the call control server C. Before sending the up-spoken text of the call control server queries C to the anrufoptionsrechner S2 to which e-mail address 9 he should send the voice message.

The e-mail address 10 is then sent to him. As a final anrufoptionsrechner, the digitized voice message anrufoptionsrechner sent as e-mail attachments 11 by the call control server C to the user B. The call control server C anrufoptionsrechner then never addressed directly by the user B in the configuration. By using additional servers that are queried at certain points of the call control server C, further flexibility is possible. Such a specification is possible to be in what cases diverted to anrufoptionsrechner answering machine.

Eine Umlenkung kann z. A deflection z can. As a function of the identity of the calling subscriber done.

It is also conceivable in addition to pass the time of day, different instructions to the call control server S1 and S2. So kann an Wochenenden ein anderer Ansagetext als an Werktagen abgespielt werden. Thus, another announcement may be played than on weekdays on weekends.

Such a time-dependent assignment can also be done automatically. Due to the inventive interaction easier Umlenkfunktionen a complex Anrufoptionsrechner can be realized easily. Durch die vorliegende Erfindung ist nicht festgelegt, welche Funktion bei welchem Netzknoten zum Einsatz kommt.

The present invention does not specify what function in which network node is used. Bei den Rechnern muss es sich nicht um physikalisch separate Rechner handeln. The computers must not act to physically separate computer itself. Es kann auch eine rein logische Zuordnung der verschiedenen Einheiten auf einem Rechner vorgenommen werden.

It can be done on a computer, a anrufoptionsrechner logical assignment of the various units. The inventive flexible design of anrufoptionsrechner telecommunications network a simple extension of the telecommunications network is possible. As network operators with a small number of participants start their network and eliminate bottlenecks as demand grows in the network by laying specific functionalities on dedicated computers from the beginning.

The basic structure lying largely corresponds to the embodiment according to Anrufoptionsrechner. The outgoing message and the e-mail address of the user B is forwarded to the server S1 or S2. When a callthe proxy server proxy forwards the request to the call control server further C.

The announcement is played to the user A, who then aufspricht his voice messagewhich is then forwarded to anrufoptionsrechner call control server C.

Before sending the e-mail anrufoptionsrechner control server queries C at the anrufoptionsrechner S2 in see arrow to which e-mail addressanrufoptionsrechner should send the text message. After receiving this information, the E-mail is sent to anrufoptionsrechner digital, voice mail attached to the proxy server proxy, which in turn forwards the E-mail to the user B.

Signalisierungsprotokoll zum Generieren, Modifizieren und Beenden von Verbindungen anrufoptionsrechner einem oder mehreren Teilnehmern. The Session Initiation Protocol anrufoptionsrechner an application-based control or signaling anrufoptionsrechner for generating, modifying, anrufoptionsrechner terminating connections to one or more anrufoptionsrechner.

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